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Breathe Easier With Indoor Plants

There are indoor plants that can alleviate allergy symptoms by purifying the air in your home. Here is a list of toxins that houseplants remove from the air during their amazing purifying process. Suffering from allergies and asthma is no joke! If you are one of the unfortunate people who do suffer, then you know that pollen and air pollution can aggravate your symptoms. Oh the sneezing, the wheezing, the itchy eyes and [...]

9 Ways to Lower Cooling Costs This Summer

9 Ways to Lower Cooling Costs This Summer The sweltering heat in Louisiana can make anybody feel uncomfortable, especially homeowners. While most people expect higher energy costs in the summer, the rising temperatures are enough to make one worry about just how much higher the cost will be. The hot weather does come with a price but with some preparation you can cut down on your cooling bill because that’s definitely the last thing that [...]

Indoor Air Quality: The Good, The Bad & The Unhealthy.

Indoors finally! Ahhh, away from the dirt, away from the pollen, just basically away from all of the junk that is making you feel like you’ve been run over by a Mack truck. Or so you thought. Then you realize that you are just as miserable inside as you were outside. What is the deal? Why is this happening? The hard truth is that you probably have Poor Indoor Air Quality. We often focus [...]

Lets Talk Thermostats

Benefits Of An Updated Thermostat Let’s talk thermostats, shall we? We all have one, but do we really know how important they are? Do you feel like your 30 year old thermostat is doing the job “just fine?” You may want to give it a second thought. Many people don’t realize just how important a thermostat is for a comfortable temperature in their home. Let’s explore thermostats for some great benefits to your comfort [...]

We Have A Graduate!

We have a graduate in the Advanced AC house! Join us in congratulating our very own Scott Lawson as he says good bye to Louisiana Tech University and hello to transitioning full time in the Advanced AC trenches. We look forward to the day his proud pop Tom can hand over the baton to Scott and continue to provide Shreveport Bossier with the BEST HVAC services for the next 30 years.

Why Regular HVAC Maintenance Is A Must

What if we told you we could help you save money on your utility bills? What if we told you we could help save you from making a large equipment purchase? Like the sound of that? Well, keep reading for tips on how to keep your HVAC equipment running smoothly and efficiently! FILTERS According to the Department of Energy, replacing dirty filters can lower energy costs by as much as 5-15%! 5-15%!! Something as simple as [...]

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