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Carbon Monoxide Risks After A Roof Replacement Or Repair.

ATTENTION‼ Homeowners who just had roof replacements please read. This is a flue vent pipe that was accidentally knocked loose during a recent roof replacement. Our Brian reattached it asap. First...this is in NO way roof company bashing. However, some roofing contractors may not realize that moving the vent stacks on the roof can unintentionally cause a carbon monoxide leak. Fuel burning systems like furnaces, water heaters, gas stoves have flue pipes venting through [...]

Is Your Air Conditioner Struggling To Cool Your Home? It Could Be Mother Nature.

As we enter the summer months, the promise of triple digit heat, rain and occasional wind and thunder storms are sure to be in the future forecast. These elements can do a number on your outdoor AC unit causing it to work much harder to cool your home and puts it at risk for possible damage or breakdown if not mainteanced regularly. Let’s take a look of some of Mother Nature’s annoyances and how [...]

Ants And Your HVAC

Folks... get ready...We are about to throw you some freaky cool HVAC educational information at ya. Want to hear something CRAZY? Ants LOVE air conditioning units. Whaaaa? Yes! They are drawn to electrical fields which makes contactors a perfect hide out. See that little black box? That's a Sureswitch contactor which controls the flow of electricity into the unit. If it's not working your AC wont turn on. Our HVAC rockstar Colt narrowed down [...]

Can Leaves And Debris Affect My HVAC System?

My, my, my what crazing weather we have been having this winter. It's been cold, it's been warm and it has been windy. Those recent strong winds have blown branches, twigs, and leaves from the trees. Even though falling leaves can be a serene sight, they can wreak havoc on your outdoor HVAC unit. Grass clippings after months of mowing the lawn can also accumulate inside your system. Tree debris often gets [...]

Is It Bad? Switching Between AC And Heat.

Have you recently walked out the front door wearing your favorite holiday sweater, boots and beanie only to be hit with a wall of warm, humid air? Wait. Wasn't it just 30 degrees yesterday? Welcome to Louisiana where all four seasons can happen in one week. This winter one day and spring/summer the next is also felt inside as it does the outdoors. It also has us flipping between the heater and the air [...]

Keep Bossier Beautiful Christmas Luncheon

Keep Bossier Beautiful is an organization that has been near and dear to Advanced AC's heart. Owner, Tom Lawson has been a huge part of this non profit's growth for over 20 years also reigning as past president for multiple years. KBB is a non profit whose focus is combating litter in the community, educating our youth as to the importance of recycling, how long it takes for litter to decompose and taking pride [...]

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