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Keep Bossier Beautiful Christmas Luncheon

Keep Bossier Beautiful is an organization that has been near and dear to Advanced AC's heart. Owner, Tom Lawson has been a huge part of this non profit's growth for over 20 years also reigning as past president for multiple years. KBB is a non profit whose focus is combating litter in the community, educating our youth as to the importance of recycling, how long it takes for litter to decompose and taking pride [...]

10th Annual Red River Cleanup

A clean community is a healthy community and as you know, Advanced AC is passionate about doing their part to combat litter and assist in cleanup efforts in Shreveport and Bossier City partnering with Shreveport Green, Bossier Sheriff's Office, Keep Louisiana Beautiful, Friends of Cypress Black Bayou, Bayou Chapter of the Ozark Society, Shreveport Mayor's city wide cleanup and the Red River Cleanup. This past Red River Cleanup held on November 2, is an [...]

Why HVAC Maintenance Is Just As Important As Vehicle Maintenance

It may sound crazy to compare your air conditioning or heating unit to a vehicle but trust us, many homeowners thought the same thing until they experiences high priced problems that could have easily been prevented had they properly maintained their HVAC system. Your  air conditioner and heater/furnace have many, many complex mechanical parts that are designed to provide you with optimal comfort at the precise degree you request. Just like other complex [...]

Citywide Cleanup

When their not servicing, installing or repairing HVAC systems, Advanced AC's very own father and son duo can be found giving back to their community. When Tom and Scott Lawson learned about Shreveport mayor's citywide cleanup Aug 24th, they jumped at the chance to help out. Teaming up with fellow trash kickers Red River Cleanup, The Warrior Network, and Roy's Kids, these folks were able to remove large debris and other litter from the [...]

Breathe Easier With Indoor Plants

There are indoor plants that can alleviate allergy symptoms by purifying the air in your home. Here is a list of toxins that houseplants remove from the air during their amazing purifying process. Suffering from allergies and asthma is no joke! If you are one of the unfortunate people who do suffer, then you know that pollen and air pollution can aggravate your symptoms. Oh the sneezing, the wheezing, the itchy eyes and [...]

9 Ways to Lower Cooling Costs This Summer

9 Ways to Lower Cooling Costs This Summer The sweltering heat in Louisiana can make anybody feel uncomfortable, especially homeowners. While most people expect higher energy costs in the summer, the rising temperatures are enough to make one worry about just how much higher the cost will be. The hot weather does come with a price but with some preparation you can cut down on your cooling bill because that’s definitely the last thing that [...]

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