Folks… get ready…We are about to throw you some freaky cool HVAC educational information at ya.

Want to hear something CRAZY?
Ants LOVE air conditioning units.

Whaaaa? Yes!

They are drawn to electrical fields which makes contactors a perfect hide out.

See that little black box? That’s a Sureswitch contactor which controls the flow of electricity into the unit.
If it’s not working your AC wont turn on.

Our HVAC rockstar technician narrowed down this homeowner’s problem to this Sureswitch. That square button is supposed to make contact but it wasn’t.

Why you ask?

Because of crazy ants packing themselves inside and under the button.

But wait…it gets better.🙄

When these ants shack up in your HVAC unit, they form a contact bridge between two electrical points. The ants get electrocuted which releases a distress pheromone from their tiny charred bodies. This pheromone sends an alert to their other ant buddies who take it as a their friends being attacked and hurry to join the war with the enemy.
The many mini electrocutions can cause a short circuit in your air conditioner.

See, told you it would get better.

Back to our homeowner’s issue…
Our skilled HVAC technician replaced the dated SureSwitch with an updated one that, word on the HVAC street, is ant proof and the client’s AC is back up and running. Issue solved.

This is another reason why we strongly recommend regular maintenance on your HVAC system. Our technicians will find these crazy little inconveniences and fix them before they turn into major problems.

If you are not on our schedule for routine maintenance at least twice a year and live in the Bossier-Shreveport area, call us today to get on the calendar.