No matter how long someone has lived in the south, most never get used to the scorching heat and humidity.  With the soaring temperatures here in Louisiana, air conditioning is not a luxury, it is truly needed to keep your family and pets safe. So, there is nothing worse than discovering that your air conditioner won’t turn on!

Take heart, there are some steps that you can take to figure out why the AC may not be turning on.  Some you may be able to check on your own, others should be left to our 5 star technicians and you should give Advanced Air Conditioning and Heating a call as soon as possible.

Reasons Your AC Won’t Turn On

1. Check AC Shutoff Switch

First things first, ensure that your AC is turned to the on (and cool) position. If it isn’t turned on, well you know, it won’t come on.  It may seem silly, but hey, it happens!

2. Check batteries in thermostat

If the batteries in your thermostat are dead, the AC won’t run.  It seems very simple but this is one of the last things that people think of when their AC won’t turn on.

3. Dirty Air Filters

Dirty air filters can cause an air conditioner to freeze up.  There is a chance that the air filter is completely clogged.  Proper air flow is crucial for your HVAC system to function. When was the last time you changed yours? Check the filter and change if necessary.  In the summer months, you may need to change air filters more often since the AC runs almost nonstop and more dust and debris are being caught in your all important air filter.

Dirty Air Filter Advanced Air Conditioning and heating replacement maintenance repairs AC shreveport bossier4. Tripped Circuit Breaker

Circuit breakers protect your home’s electrical appliances and wiring by tripping if there is too much current flow.  This protects your home from electrical fires.  Try resetting the circuit breaker and turning on the AC.  If it trips again when the AC is turned on, there is something wrong with the air conditioner and needs to be checked by an HVAC professional.

5. Clogged Drain Line

If a drain line becomes clogged, the air conditioning unit’s safety features are supposed to kick in and stop your unit from activating.  It is relatively easy to unclog a drain line but not always easy to access depending on where your HVAC unit is located in your home.

An air conditioner not working is so frustrating and disheartening, but by checking a few key areas of your system you may be able to easily identify the cause of your problem and regain AC function in your Shreveport-Bossier City home.  If you try these troubleshooting steps and your AC still won’t turn on, it is time to give us a call.

Remember that proper maintenance of your HVAC system will stave off many problems and extend the life of your unit.  Here at Advanced Air Conditioning and Heating we provide quality HVAC repair, replacements and maintenance that is needed to keep you KOOL and safe through every season…especially the brutal summers!

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