Benefits Of An Updated Thermostat

Trane Wifi Thermostat Advanced Air Conditioning and Heating Bossier ShreveportLet’s talk thermostats, shall we? We all have one, but do we really know how important they are? Do you feel like your 30 year old thermostat is doing the job “just fine?” You may want to give it a second thought. Many people don’t realize just how important a thermostat is for a comfortable temperature in their home. Let’s explore thermostats for some great benefits to your comfort and your wallet.

The thermostat is where it all begins with your home’s heating and cooling system. When you set it,  it  triggers, regulates and monitors the climate control process in your home. When the AC or heat doesn’t work correctly, the thermostat is often the last thing that people think to check. Like anything else, it can wear out over time making your HVAC system unable to properly heat and cool your home. So to have a properly working thermostat is important. One of the first signs that it may be failing is feeling like your system is not heating or cooling to the temperature to which you set it. If the thermostat setting that used to keep you comfortable is no longer suitable or you notice that your HVAC system is struggling to keep up, you may want to consider a replacement.

What should you do if you think that your HVAC system isn’t working properly? Do some detective work.

Check your weather stripping. Doors and windows leading to the outside of your home should have weather stripping to help keep the home’s inside temperature unaffected by the outside temperature. If you can see light coming in from around a closed door or feel hot or cold air seeping in around the door or window, weather stripping is needed.

Another thing you can do is check you air filters. If the air filter isn’t changed regularly, it will accumulate dust and dander making the air much harder to pass through the filter. And we all know that a clogged filter is a sad filter because it makes the HVAC system work much harder than it should therefore making it less efficient. If you have checked these things and ruled out other major issues to your HVAC system, then that old, outdated thermostat hanging on the wall may need to be upgraded. If your thermostat is the same one that your grandmother had when you were little then the answer is YES, it is outdated.

Programmable thermostats with or without Wi-Fi capabilities are of great benefit. Installing one in your home helps you take control of how much energy you use for heating and cooling and in turn that saves you money on your utility bills. And who wants to give the utility company more money? Not me!

traditional thermostat TRANE advanced air conditioning and heating shreveport bossier cityA programmable thermostat, by automatically adjusting the set temperature in your home throughout the day, is able to make the most efficient use of your system. Instead of heating and cooling your house when you are not at home, a programmable thermostat has the ability to adjust the temperature itself at certain hours of the day. There are many different scenarios that can be programmed. Maybe you want a different setting for the day than you do for the night or maybe you want different settings for the weekend and weekday. It becomes possible with a programmable thermostat. To go even a step further, a Wi-Fi capable thermostat allows you to do these things but also control the thermostat from your phone or tablet. So when the weather changes from winter to summer in the same day (gotta love Louisiana weather) you can adjust your home’s temperature from your phone wherever you are. No more having to wait to get home to adjust the thermostat, just pick up your phone or tablet and get to adjusting. It truly is that simple.

Whether your thermostat is going out or has just gone out of style, we have just the thing that you need. Our TRANE™ thermostats are of the highest quality and we have one that will fit your needs.

Give us a ring today and see how much more comfortable a properly working thermostat can make you and your family.