HVAC AC maintenance shreveport bossierHomeowners don’t realize how much they take their HVAC system for granted until it needs to be replaced. And let’s face it, replacing it can be pretty costly, just like investing in a new vehicle.

Most people think that once they get a new HVAC system, they can just “set it and forget it” but this is not true at all. That new system will need attention throughout the year in the form of scheduled maintenance so it continues to function effectively through the seasons for years to come.

Other than the obvious, let’s look at the benefits of regular maintenance on your HVAC system and what that means for you and your family.

1. Extends the Life Of Your System 

This is a given. A neglected system will wear down much quicker than a system that has at least biannual maintenance.

2. Lower Energy Bills 

 If your HVAC system has issues, it has to work harder and longer to cool or heat the home which raises a homeowner’s energy bill.

3. Cleaner Indoor Air 

With families spending more time indoors, they are susceptible to breathing in mold, bacteria, and dirt that is circulating inside the home.  During routine maintenance, your HVAC technician not only changes your filters, but cleans the coils and removes any dirt or rust that has accumulated.

4. Prevent Expensive Repairs

Throughout our 30 years in business, our highly skilled heating and air technicians have caught small issues during routine HVAC maintenance calls that allowed the homeowner’s system to last for many, many years. When your system goes untouched, small issues can lead to major breakdowns if not addressed. Not only do you have to deal with your home suddenly becoming uncomfortable, but you then have a huge expense you may not have planned for.

Again, similar to a vehicle, your HVAC needs tender loving care at least two time a year. The perfect months are Spring, to get ready for the hot months, and Fall, to get ready for the freezing weather.

If you haven’t had your system looked at since purchasing it or moving into your home, call us immediately to set up your maintenance call at 318-222-KOOL (5665).